Petition: Ask Petsmart to Stop Selling Shock Collars

Many, many thanks to Stephanie Feldstein for this nice blog post about our Never Shock a Puppy efforts. We appreciate her enthusiasm and interest.

Now, to return the favor, we’d like to encourage anyone who believes that learning shouldn’t hurt to PLEASE sign this petition, asking Petsmart to stop selling shock collars.

As Stephanie so aptly writes in the introduction to the petition, Petsmart’s promotes its training services by saying that reward-based training is “scientifically proven to be the most effective method,” … yet, just down the aisle from their in-store classes, the company sells shock collars.

We’d guess lots of them.

So, how amazing would it be if such a big retailer STOPPED selling shock collars?

That would be a big change, and one we support with all our hearts.

Join us, won’t you? Sign the petition today, and ask your friends to do the same.

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