Founders/organizers at the first-ever BlogPaws conference in April 2010 challenged pet bloggers to Be the Change for Pets. When asked what ONE thing would improve the lives of pets, some of us replied … raise awareness about humane (pain-free) alternatives to dog collars designed to hurt, startle, punish.

That’s how Never Shock a Puppy was born. We might not be able to change the lives of EVERY dog, but even helping ONE dog makes all the work worth it.

And, by “puppy” we mean any dog — no matter size, sex, age, or breed.

Never Shock a Puppy "logo"Truly, there is NO need to pinch, shock, choke … hurt, scare, startle … drag around, struggle with, boss around your dog to teach him/her basic manners.

The 2010 campaign had 2 goals!

In addition to raising awareness, we completed a service project:

Between September 1, 2010, and October 20, 2010, we raised $2,500 for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley‘s No-Choke Challenge. It is a like-minded program to raise awareness of humane dog training tools and methods.

They gave free dog collars or dog harnesses to people in Boulder (Colorado) who turn in their choke chains, pinch collars, or shock collars.

Essentially, the money raised bought 165 or so replacement dog collars or dog harnesses.

That’s 165 dogs who no longer feel pain in the process of learning. We cannot change the entire dog-training world, but we thought it was a start.



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