No-Choke Challenge

In November 2010, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley will launch a campaign called the No-Choke Challenge. If you’d like to learn more about the program, check out this No-Choke Challenge Overview.

The money we raise during the initial 8-week Never Shock a Puppy campaign will support this like-minded and worthy cause.

Essentially, the money raised will buy 165 or so replacement dog collars or dog harnesses.

That’s 165 dogs who will no longer HURT in the process of learning.

Simply put, they have the resources and the staff do what we cannot, and that’s give MANY people (in Boulder, Colorado) new humane dog training tools in exchange for their pain-based collars.

We’re proud to partner with them on this effort because indeed there are other “humane societies” and animal rescue organizations that use shock collars and other punitive training tools/methods on dogs in their care.

Our philosophies and motivations are the same:

  • We want to improve the lives of dogs.
  • We believe in humane, positive-reinforcement dog training.
  • We oppose dog training methods that use pain-causing tools, punishment, and intimidation.
  • We believe that educating people and giving away humane dog training collars and harnesses matter.

We cannot change the whole dog training world, but we can improve the lives of individual dogs.

Never Shock a Puppy and No-Choke Challenge chartPlus!

We selected the Humane Society of Boulder Valley not only because they share our vision for pain-free dog training, but also because that’s where Roxanne Hawn (Never Shock a Puppy founder) adopted Lilly, the canine heroine of Champion of My Heart, a dog blog where everything is a work in progress.

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21 Responses to No-Choke Challenge

  1. Great work you guys!

    Here is a little film I made to this subject:

  2. Michelle says:

    This is brilliant. Good luck with all of it! I’ll be spreading the news!

  3. We’re on-board! How else can we help?

    • Terrific, Laurie. We’d love any help raising fund for our service project, if you can reach out to your readers and dog trianing clients. Even $5 per person would make a huge difference. In addition, we would welcome your blogging efforts, if you would like to blog along each week on the chosen topic. All you have to do it include your link the “blop hop” at the bottom of each post.

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  5. Paws up for these great ideas. I’m a clicker tricker in Cheyenne, Wyoming with increasing numbers of clients who are committed to never shocking a puppy! We will change things for the better, thanks to these types of campaigns, increasing numbers of positive based frontline trainers and owners who are willing to see things differently than the dominance model.

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  14. Amanda Pye says:

    I think this is great and I myself am trying to raise awareness. Nothing works better and more lasting than positive reinforcement. The dog will work harder if he thinks training is fun

  15. I own a pet boutique in Denver and would like to hold a no choke challenge at my shop. I really love this idea and would love to help spread the word in my shop. I would like to run a date where customers that use choke collars could turn in their collars for a harness type no pull device. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. I would also like posters and or banners if you have them to hang in my store for awareness.


  16. hogan scarpe says:

    where’s the ‘like’ button on this post? LIKE.

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