Humane Society of Boulder Valley: No-Choke Challenge

Today is one of 4 Blog the Change days, sponsored by Be the Change 4 Animals. Since we’ve already posted about the Petsmart Petition, asking them to STOP selling shock collars, we’ll share the terrific news that TODAY is also the launch of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley‘s No-Choke Challenge.

The Never Shock a Puppy coalition is PROUD to have raised more than $2,600 to support this campaign, which includes CLEVER, attention-getting ads and giveaways of SENSE-ation harnesses to anyone in the Boulder, CO, community who turns in their:

  • Choke collar
  • Pinch collar
  • Shock Collar

Because we love the graphics so much, we’ll share them here.

(Having sat in on early planning meetings, long before we launched Never Shock a Puppy, we can tell you that they went with the less racy of the options on the table.)

There is also this terrific G-rated option.

Support the No-Choke Challenge?

Because some of you might want to help spread the word, we’re working on posting code for these graphics/widgets. We’re having some techno difficulties, so please stand by.

Code for Man in Chains Ad

Code for Dog Raising Paw Ad

Check out the other causes pet bloggers are promoting today!

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Petition: Ask Petsmart to Stop Selling Shock Collars

Many, many thanks to Stephanie Feldstein for this nice blog post about our Never Shock a Puppy efforts. We appreciate her enthusiasm and interest.

Now, to return the favor, we’d like to encourage anyone who believes that learning shouldn’t hurt to PLEASE sign this petition, asking Petsmart to stop selling shock collars.

As Stephanie so aptly writes in the introduction to the petition, Petsmart’s promotes its training services by saying that reward-based training is “scientifically proven to be the most effective method,” … yet, just down the aisle from their in-store classes, the company sells shock collars.

We’d guess lots of them.

So, how amazing would it be if such a big retailer STOPPED selling shock collars?

That would be a big change, and one we support with all our hearts.

Join us, won’t you? Sign the petition today, and ask your friends to do the same.

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

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Never Shock a Puppy Final Report

We’re happy to make a final report on the successes of the 8-week Never Shock a Puppy pet blogger campaign of 2010. Our biggest thanks to everyone who helped us.

Fund-Raising: We surpassed our goal!

Perhaps the most visible result from the campaign is the $2,640 we raised through both online and offline donations to support the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s upcoming No-Choke Challenge.

Nearly 50 individual donors contributed money. Serious points for creativity go to a friend in Colorado raised $340 for us by asking guests at her birthday party to make donations instead of giving gifts. Thank you, Angela Cicero, for including Never Shock a Puppy in your birthday celebrations.

We’d be remiss if we did NOT recognize the contributions (both campaign-long sponsorships and cash donations) of our top TWO financial supporters:

Anthony Holloway from

Candy Blakeslee from Best Friends General Store

And, many thanks to DogTime Media for letting us donate the $500 prize from the Best Dog Blog Award to Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Helping Real Dogs

Thanks to our many sponsors and prize donors, we gave away FIVE terrific prize packages to these amazing dogs:

Kaiju, from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Maggie and Tai, from Cranbrook, British Columbia

Shadow, from New Port Richey, Florida

Manchego and Brie, from Delta, British Columbia

Fly and Banner, from Dayton, Indiana

Stay Tuned

We haven’t yet decided what (if anything) we’ll continue to do on this topic. We’ll post again, as news warrants.

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Dogs Deserve a Pain-Free Future

October 20, 2010, we celebrate the last stretch of our Never Shock a Puppy pet blogger campaign for 2010. We’ve spent the last 8 weeks trying to raise awareness and raise money. Now is as good a time as any to reflect on why a bunch of us banded together to nudge the traditional dog training mindset in a pain-free direction.

We cannot change the entire dog training world, but we can:

  • Ask questions
  • Offer options
  • Raise awareness
  • Help individual dogs and individual families who are struggling

Our tagline all along has been … Because learning shouldn’t hurt. And, that’s really the bottom line.

While dogs often get whatever is left of our time and energy after the modern world gobbles us up, they give us everything they have.


We simply believe there is no reason to cause pain or fear or intimidation in the name of teaching dogs the rules of living in our lives.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Lilly, canine heroine of Champion of My Heart, an award-winning dog blog, asks you to take the Never Shock a Puppy Pledge ... because learning shouldn't hurt!

Old-school dog training that relies on punishment and outdated, debunked theories and methods will live on … no matter what any of us do. That’s the sad truth.

BUT, not at my house. And, Lilly and I hope not at your house either.

So, today, which happens to be the SIXTH anniversary of the day we adopted Lilly, we’re asking for your support, your donations, and your pledge. Consider it a Gotcha Day gift for the canine heroine in my life.

Take the Pledge!

If you believe that dogs deserve a pain-free future, we ask that you take the Never Shock a Puppy Pledge and make a donation (even a small one) to our charity partner, Humane Society of Boulder Valley. In November 2010, they’ll launch their own No-Choke Challenge. Our work supports their work.

Extra credit goes to those who post their pledge and this link to Twitter or Facebook or other social media venues:

Just donated & took #nevershockapuppy pledge because dogs deserve a pain-free future

We even have donation incentives for those willing to chip in $50 or $75 or more.

If for some reason you cannot see or use the donation widget below, please visit the Never Shock a Puppy Donation Site instead.

Read More!
Never Shock a Puppy coalition members (and others, we hope) are blogging from their own sites today. Check out this blog hop to learn more.

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